We keep their comfort first when we think of styling our little ones. But being comfortable doesn't always mean being boring. You can be comfortable yet stylish. It's just about using little things to stand out and make a style statement. Here we will share some valuable tips to help you style your kid.

Keep it simple

Simple is always cute. Too much of anything look cluttered. Dress up your baby girl in simple and pretty dresses. If you make her overdressed to look stylish, she will look clumsy instead. Always pick up dresses that are simple and stylish. This way, she won't look overdressed.

A little bigger

Whenever buying clothes for them, try to buy one size bigger. For example, you can make her wear jeans in a folded style when it's a little bigger. And when in a few months, your baby grows up, you can still make her wear those jeans unfolded. In this manner, you will be saved from buying too much stuff every now and then.

Play with patterns

Patterned clothes look very trendy if styled correctly. You can get some patterned western dresses for girls, such as jumpsuits, skirt blouses and tops with shorts too. Playing with patterned clothes is a little tricky. Her leggings should be plain if you make your baby wear a polka-dot dress. Mix and match is the key. This is the best way to make your baby look minimalistic and trendy.

Try different colors

The same colors all the time look boring. Try experimenting with some other colors too. Aqua blue, light purple, and lime yellow are some colors that also look very nice on baby girls.

Softest fabric

Whatever color you choose, whatever design you choose, the fabric of your baby girl's dress should be very soft and smooth on the skin. Only when your baby is comfortable in the dress will she look good. Cotton or linen is preferable for summers, while woolen stuff is needed for winters.

Pair up

Experiment with pairing up different pieces. For example, a floral top with plain shorts or blue jeans with girls' fancy tops. You can find a variety of these kinds of pieces at Ochre. This way, your baby girl will have her unique style.

Not too fitted

Too many fitted clothes make babies uncomfortable and cranky. And you would never want this for your baby girl. Always try to choose loose-fitting dresses, so the baby will feel more relaxed.

Be selective

Always remember, when shopping for your kids, be selective. Don't shop too much because kids grow up so fast, and after every few months, you will need to revamp their wardrobe. So always try to buy fewer but beautiful dresses.

Some accessories

When you are done with the dresses, get some cute accessories too. Headbands, for example, look so stylish. Some cute belts and hats should be a part of your baby girl's wardrobe. These accessories can easily lift any dress and make your baby girl look stylish.

Cute socks and shoes

Matching socks and shoes are very much needed in styling your baby girl. Choose the shoes and socks according to her dress and complete her look.

Final words

Now you know how to dress up your little one. Play with unique combinations and show the reflection of your personality in your choice. Let your princess sparkle with happiness and comfort.